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Information For Aupairs:

An au pair is a young adult from another country who lives with your family for a year and provides in-home childcare (like a nanny, but better)! Au pairs work up to 45 hours per week, in exchange for the opportunity to live with a host family abroad.

An au pair is a young adult from another country who lives with your family for a year and provides in-home childcare (like a nanny, but better)! Au pairs work up to 45 hours per week, in exchange for the opportunity to live with a host family abroad.

Placements available in the following countries: GERMANY , AUSTRIA , NETHERLANDS , NORWAY , ITALY , LUXEMBOURG , FRANCE and BELGIUM

You can apply if you:

  • Are between the ages of 18 -25
  • Have a valid driver’s license and non-family childcare experience
  • Have a first Aid certificate
  • Have a good standard of spoken EnglishAre a secondary school graduate or equivalent
  • Have never been convicted of any criminal offense
  • Want to commit to a year abroad with a host family
  • Have an A1 certificate in any of the following languages German , Italiano , Espanol and French

If your answer is yes to the above criteira then we are looking for candidates exactly like you

Benefits of Being an Aupair:

Spending time as an au pair is a terrific way to find out more what you’d like to do with your life. Before you go to university or during a gap year in your studies or vocational training, the au pair experience can offer very special benefits.

As an au pair, you gain a unique set of experiences and can discover more about your own wishes and about yourself. What are you waiting for after all? Let your au pair adventure begin: Travel through the world. Discover another culture. Learn another language and about being independent. Seek out new challenges and become part of a new family!

Information for Host families: Au pairs offer much more than just childcare! Do your working hours clash with the nursery opening hours? Does your son need to be taken to his football practice at the same time your daughter’s riding lesson starts? Why not invite an au pair into your home to help relieve your family of everyday stress and to get to know a different culture all at the same time!

Quick Check for host families

  • Do you have at least one child under 18 living with you?
  • Are you or is your partner an EU national?
  • Is your au pair supposed to look after your children and help you with light housework?
  • Do you speak German / Italian / French / Spanish on a da
  • Do you have a different nationality than your au pair?

If you answer yes in all boxes then you qualify to host an Au-pair from Abroad

Most Important information for Host families:

Duties The main duty of an au pair is to look after the children. Furthermore, an au pair helps with light housework. You should clarify with your au pair, what his or her duties will exactly involve. It is recommended to make a note of these duties and include them in the au pair contract.

Costs Accommodating an au pair results in higher living costs. After all, an additional adult will be living with you throughout the placement period.

Board and lodging An au pair receives free board and lodging throughout their entire stay. The same applies in case of illness and during the au pair holiday. Providing the au pair with a separate room with a window is considered as an important standard pre-requisite. The room should be lockable, heatable and have a dimension of at least 8 square metres.

Pocket money An au pair receives monthly pocket money which varies according to each country – also in the case of illness or while the au pair is on holiday.

Pocket money – overview by country

Country Hours / week Pocket money / month
Austria 20 380 €
Belgium 20 450 €
France 35 260-320 €
Germany 30 310 € (260 + 50)
Italy 30 250-300 €
Netherlands 30 340 €
Norway 30 5000 NOK
Spain 30 200-250 €

Travel costs Normally, the au pair bears the costs of the journey to the host country and back home by themselves.

Language course Your au pair should attend a language course in order to improve their knowledge of the official language of your country. Usually, the au pairs pay for their language courses. As a host family, you can help them find a suitable course close to your home.
The costs of the au pair placement can be deducted from your taxes. Attention: The pocket money should be transferred to your au pair’s bank account in order to be acknowledged.

Working hours Arranging the time for carrying out household chores can be done according to the family’s habits and needs. The au pair is not supposed to work more than 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week, including babysitting.

Free time Your au pair is entitled to one day off per week. Once a month, this day should be a Sunday. As a host family, you should make sure that your au pair has at least 4 evenings off each week.

Holidays An au pair is entitled to 4 weeks of paid holiday, provided that the au pair placement in planned for an entire year. Should you go on a holiday and should your au pair resume their regular duties such as babysitting, this is considered as work for your au pair. Accompanying the host family on their holiday does not count as an au pair holiday, unless the au pair has less duties and is not obliged to be available at all times. Contact us anytime to discuss further the opportunity of you hosting an Aupair ! We are here to assist you the best way possible